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Lorenzo Zandri is an architectural photographer and artist currently based in London.
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Unsent Postcard is a fine-art small-format paper project, designed and curated by Giorgia Scognamiglio and Lorenzo Zandri, which aims at celebrating significant, intriguing and rare architectures through the recovery of an unused medium of communication, the postcard.
Mainly underrated now, the postcard has represented a powerful way to describe and spread the image of cities for many years, documenting the historical urban changes roughly from the ‘20s to ‘80s. Opting for speed and mainstream “instagrammable” places, today’s travellers have almost lost the ability and the time to deeply understand the identity of the places they visit.
Unsent Postcard presents alternative narratives of spaces and invites visitors (and citizens) to leave the touristic beaten tracks and recuperate the experience of selecting the most appropriate image and condensing their impressions in a few sentences on paper.
At the same time, the project is also an attempt to draw attention to unforgotten masterpieces and sometimes, in state of decay.


Lorenzo Zandri © 2020