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‘Lost and Found’ is on @DomusWeb.
The photo series is an urban photographic exploration in the City of London investigating the religious traces in the first district of the capital:

My photos of Bocconi Unversity by Grafton Architects in Milan are today on

My images inside Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristobal in Mexico City on

Glad for being invited to attend the panel 'Beyond the Image' with Marcos Zegers, Noelle Masons, Tom Hegen and Francisco Ibáñez. You can't miss it!
Friday the 24th
5 pm UK
on, a new virtual festival celebrating photography and architecture.

Superbe article by Umberto Napolitano of LAN Architecture with my photos of Casa Luis Barragán in Mexico City published on Le Monde.

‪« Hablo de la ciudad », my journey in Mexico City, is out today on Professione Architetto:

My last series about the O’Gorman modernist houses in Mexico has been published on Dezeen:

“I decided not to built things, but images.”
My new interview for Kontextur is out now:
Check it out!

Italian vibes in London: today on the homepage of Dezeen with FPA Architects. Info here:

The beautiful project I shot in Paris for Atelier NEA last December has been published on Domus. Info here:


Lorenzo – on behalf of ROBOCOOP – has been invited by Ordine degli Architetti di Firenze (Fondazione Architetti Firenze) to attend “Spazi Sospesi”, the table discussion about the way to interact and deal with unused urban spaces. With Scob Studio, Camposaz, Fosbury, Senza studio – Catania e Sociolab Ricerca Sociale. Moderator: Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Università di Innsbruck.
OAF - Firenze, Italy.

New interview out for Architectuul, talking about photography and its role for architecture.
Thanks to Bostjan Bugaric for the nice questions!
Info here:

Thrilled to announce that Lorenzo and Giorgia Scognamiglio - in behalf of Unsent Postcard -  have been invited to contribute to "What is radical today?", a collective exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts in London, curated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado.
Among others, images and drawings from Denis Scott Brown, Francis Kéré, Gaetano Pesce, Sam Jacob Studio, Peter Cook, MAIO architects.
Our bespoke contribution "Urgente" consists of a pile of postcards sent to the RA as an exchange of perspectives on the need of alternative destinations as the radical answer to the current way people travel and visit places.
Royal Academy of Arts - London, UK.

‘On the riverside’ featured on analog magazine, with a nice interview!

Glad to announce that my first solo exhibition ‘On the riverside’ has been extended till the 10th of July at at Stour Space in London.
Really proud of this! Thanks for all friends and visitors who came at the opening last Friday! 
If you couldn’t visit it during the weekend of the @londonfestivalofarchitecture, don’t miss this chance again!
Opening times:
Mon-Fri | 8am-5pm
Sat-Sun | 8am-7pm
Stour Space - London, UK.

“On the riverside” is a visual research aiming at investigating the different forms of relations between natural and man-made elements along the river Thames.
Mostly focused on the shifting landscape from inner to outer London, this photographic series aims to highlight the crucial borderline between the fast urban changes that characterise the metropolis and the permanence of rural sceneries and local activities connected to the riverside life.
The “long, winding, domesticated snake” – as quoted by the British author and photographer Eric De Maré - has been elected as a symbolic point of view to depict the transformation of the built environment, playing its role as natural threshold and border but also a longitudinal connection between multiple scenarios.
Happy to announce that my ‘On the riverside’ series will be exhibited at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, as a part of ‘London Festival of Architecture 2019’, from the 28th to 30th June.
Info event here:
Stour Space - London, UK.

Lorenzo – on behalf of ROBOCOOP – will be in Milan for “COLLECTA”, as a part of the member jury of the call.
With Archinoia_Arch. Marta Brambilla, BAN/Baglivo Negrini Architetti, bunker-arc, Elisa Arch. Medaglia, Maria Claudia Arch. Peretti, Stefano Arch. Spagnolo, Studio Associates).
See you at Politecnico di Milano (Aula Gamma / Spazio Mostre, Edificio 11), from 15.00 to 18.00 for the final results!
Politecnico di Milano - Milan, Italy.

Take over Float Photo Magazine, from 1st to 4th December! See more here:

Lorenzo – on behalf of ROBOCOOP – will attend “Nuovo disegno dell’architettura italiano / La centralità ritrovata”, a talk about the contemporary representation in Italy. With Carlo Prati, Davide Tommaso Ferrando, (ab)Normal, SET Architects, Gruppo Torto, Fosbury Architecture, Davide Trabucco, Gosplan, WAR Warehouse of Architecture and Research, Linearama, Aut-Aut, UNO8A, False Mirror.
MACRO Asilo - Rome, Italy.

Lorenzo – on behalf of ROBOCOOP – will attend “Il disegno dell’autonomia”, the table discussion about the contemporary digital representation on the occasion for the presentation of Carlo Prati’s book. With Carlo Prati, Luca Galofaro, (ab)Normal, David Trabucco.
MAXXI (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo) - Rome, Italy.

Lorenzo – on behalf of ROBOCOOP – will attend the talk “L’Utopia nelle piccolo azioni” about the utopia in the architecture nowadays. With Germano Serafini, WAI Think Tank, (Warehouse of Architecture and Research).
Sapienza - Università di Roma, Facoltà di Architettura (Aula Magna) - Rome, Italy.

Finally out the interview on Lomography!

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