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Lorenzo Zandri is an architectural photographer and artist currently based in London.
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Costwolds, 2021.

From ‘Down in the Valley’ series, made during the art residency in Stroud, as a part of the art program by ‘This House’ in 2021.

‘Down in the Valley’ is a photographic series made by London-based photographer Lorenzo Zandri.

Rather than focusing on the picturesque, traditional and established condition of the Cotswolds landscape, the series focuses its attention on the industrial heritage, local craftsmanship, and curious green episodes surrounding Stroud and its hinterland.

The series of images narrates the juncture between natural and artificial in many ways. The man-made artefacts, the topiary plants in bizarre pots or fences, the left objects, and the urban traces have been represented in ironic and subtle approaches. Vegetal presence would eventually have taken over the surroundings, while industrial zones and its old-fashioned signages are morphing into urban understated icons.
Moreover, historical abandoned buildings are mixing with the new developments along the river. Alternating interior and exterior photographs of these landscapes, ‘Down in the Valley’ unpicks the hidden traces ofthe Valleys, where misty atmospheres glow into feelings and suggestions, taking credit on the title of one of the last poems by the local English poet Laurie Lee.

On the same page, Lorenzo Zandri embraced this personal journey with his tripod and film camera, wandering up and down on the Common valley, and revealing hidden, banal either powerful traces of this landscape.

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February, 2020.

Part of these images are narrated by Lorenzo Zandri’s voices during ‘Viaggiare per Immagini’, a series of podcast by Professione Architetto.

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September, 2019.